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Lake Erie Training Center at

Sawmill Creek Resort and Conference Center

The Lake Erie Training Center is nestled among 235 lush acres along the Lake Erie Shore. The design of the facility lends itself to focused meetings in a learning-enhanced environment. The LETC is creative and thought provoking by nature.

The Lake Erie Training Center is pleased to partner with some of the top accredited training facilitators in the State of Ohio to provide a complete training experience. Programs can be custom tailored to the needs of your organization with one of our facilitators, or your group can take advantage of our state-of-the-art facility and provide your own agenda.

Experiential Learning

Working in tandem with accredited facilitators, the Lake Erie Training Center provides a unique setting for corporations and organizations to achieve their training goals. Experiential Learning provides a hands-on approach to helping groups establish and focus on the priorities for growth.

Corporate Team Development

The workplace can be a difficult setting for team development. Take advantage of the LETC as a location for results-oriented team development with an accelerated program. The Accelerated Learning Model provides a condensed timeframe where participants are required to examine the consequences of their team decisions and act to improve upon them immediately.

Leadership Training

In today's economy it is important for companies to make the most of their talented leaders. Development of communication skills, methods of conflict resolution, peer-based feedback, and problem solving are all presented in a face-to-face learning environment.

Six Sigma/Quality Management

Six Sigma is a proven disciplined approach for improving measurable results for any organization. Six Sigma project success stories exist from organizations including manufacturing, service, nonprofit, government, research and healthcare. The key to Six Sigma is the completion of leadership sponsored projects and the Lake Erie Training Center can provide a long-term setting for leaders from 10 to 200 people.

Green Process Management

The Lake Erie Training Center can provide all the tools for sustainability training for your company. No matter what your business, be it manufacturing or service, you need to understand the potential impact of what Green and environmental requirements will have on what you do. Attendance at one of LETC's programs will provide your company with the tools needed in its quest to take advantage of cost reductions, improve a public image and increase sales by becoming a truly "green" company.

Association Management Training

Running a trade association in today's economy can be a daunting task. Accredited experts can help you address the challenges that your organization is facing. Take part in a custom-tailored leadership retreat at the Lake Erie Training Center and walk away with a refreshed and cohesive vision for taking your association to the next level.

Custom Training

Does your company have a specific need for accredited training? Does your organization require annual certification or compliance education? The Lake Erie Training Center is pleased to work with The Ohio State University and other academic institutions to assist you in meeting professional certification requirements.

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Lake Erie Training Center at Sawmill Creek Resort

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Face to face….is the golden rule for the most successful communication in any group or company. It’s a known fact when people can meet together … all results of understanding goals, setting priorities, communicating product knowledge, learning operational methods and just getting people to work together leads to better results. Let’s all always strive for the best communication ….We know more inclusion of “people face to face” is Sawmill’s golden rule to everyone’s SUCCESS.

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