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Theme Parties

The Catering Conference Services Staff will assist you in planning Themed Parties during your stay. Parties range from Western, Hawaiian, Rock 'n' Roll, Beach Parties, specific Holidays or any theme that relates to a company's specific meeting theme. The menu, costumes, props and special effects can be arranged to carry out any theme.

You are in control of your meeting's environment. Not just the abundance of meeting space, but the unique way Sawmill's campus can hold your group together with inside and outside events like Tom Fazio championship golf, beach events, team building, sporting clays, walleye/perch fishing, a ride on our "Explorer" excursion boat, breathtaking views of Lake Erie, a trip to the Erie Islands, shopping and three great restaurants. Yes, your group can work and enjoy days together with you as the captain both during day and night activities.

Face to face….is the golden rule for the most successful communication in any group or company. It’s a known fact when people can meet together … all results of understanding goals, setting priorities, communicating product knowledge, learning operational methods and just getting people to work together leads to better results. Let’s all always strive for the best communication ….We know more inclusion of “people face to face” is Sawmill’s golden rule to everyone’s SUCCESS.

RestaurantsEveryone on vacation wants to know “where can we eat?” Well, Sawmill Creek has plenty of choices...